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The Guardian - Breastfeeding is tough

This article (Don’t infantilise pregnant women. Tell them how tough breastfeeding can be) was submitted by a member of 'The Project', who also struggled with breastfeeding. Having found the article resonate closely with her own experiences, she wanted to share below: I remember the moments after our baby was born and the midwife placed her on my chest to feed, she commented that she appeared to latch well and everything felt great, amazing! We couldn't have been more overjoyed! We had our long awaited daughter!
Whilst in the hospital I was eager to get as much help as possible getting her latched and feeding well. The ward was busy but many kind midwives came to assist on various occasions and were positive about how we were both doing.
Upon leaving hospital it had begun to get more painful. I kept telling myself that this was completely 'normal', friends had said similar and that perhaps I was just adjusting, I had no way of knowing what was actually 'normal&#…

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