Giving Birth: Story No.1

Lots of people will tell some pretty upsetting or scary stories on pregnancy and birth, thanks to the Amina Project I'm able to tell my story...

I remember when I first thought I might be pregnant, I was on an away day at work and drank some Apple juice and remember thinking "This Apple juice tastes like honey?" Sure enough that night I did a test and I was 6 weeks pregnant.

My pregnancy went really well no issues, every appointment went well and my little pickle was growing away nicely. We didn't really have a "birthing plan", I just knew I didn't want an epidural, I wanted a water birth and to be in the birthing centre but you just never know what will happen on the day. My aunty teaches hypno-birthing and said she would like for my partner and I to attend her classes as a gift. At first we were a little unsure as we're not huge believers in this type of thing, however we thought it was very kind and why not give it a go. I was about 7 months pregnant when we went (Sat/Sun two weekends in a row) and I'll be honest, it was the best thing we could have done! When finishing our last session we both left feeling super empowered and ready for the big day, we both knew what we needed to do and all fear had gone and turned into excitement.

I was 10 days overdue and was feeling very heavy!! I had a sweep at 11am then by 5pm my contractions had begun. I got into a warm bath that my partner prepared and while I relaxed he got me some paracetamol and created a spreadsheet to monitor the times (very organised and works in IT) for the first 2 hours my contractions were 15 mins apart, and we called the hospital just to let them know they had begun and that we will be in later when they are closer together. After about 2 hours my contractions had sped up and were 5 minutes apart, I was in and out the bath and just focussed myself though each one knowing I would have that tiny break of pain free time after a minute or so. It was then 10pm and I was 3 minutes apart so we got the taxi to the hospital, as soon as we got in the taxi I felt the urge to push much to the horror of the driver!!! He got us to UCLH in a flash where I was examined and told I was 6cm dilated. I was wheeled to the birthing centre where I had two amazing midwives who explained my waters hadn't broken and that's why I felt the urge to push but it wasn't quite time to, so I had to try not to (much easier said than done!!) I got in the pool and again worked through each contraction and the midwives left me to it, just checking the babies heart rate and how dilated I was from time to time; it was very nice not being prodded and poked.

It was 1:15am when the midwife said I can push and at 1:38 our beautiful baby girl was born in her sac (1 in 80,000 chance) weighing a healthy 8lb 2oz with no intervention and only gas and air. It was an amazing journey and I still after 21 months feel extremely lucky to have had this positive experience

Viewpoint: Mother
Age: 32
Country: England


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